Dog Supplements & Vitamins

Nilou & Blue

Coco & Blue offers all-natural supplements with no artificial flavors or unnecessary additives to help support healthy, happy pups.

As a physician and health-conscious dog mom, I have always been careful to check the ingredients in dog food, treats, and supplements. As Coco, my sweet Pomeranian got older, she started developing health problems and required additional nutrients to help relieve her pain. Unfortunately, many dog products on the market include an excess of sugar, artificial flavors, and silicon dioxide. This was unacceptable to me.

I decided to do my own research and concoct the perfect blend of natural ingredients for healthy and effective supplements. Every morning, before going to work, I would wake up extra early to do some reading on the active ingredients in these products. I blended my first batch right in my own kitchen, working with a lab to refine and perfect the formula. I shared the final product with friends and family to test on their own beloved pets. Finally, when I perfected the recipe, the first product “Coco & Blue’s Joint Support Supplement” was born. From there, I developed the Omega-3 Fish Oil and the Probiotics.

Our pets show us unconditional love and, as our companions and furry family members, they deserve the best we can give them.

Legal Disclaimer: I’m a medical doctor and a dog lover, not a veterinarian. Please consult your dog’s veterinarian before using any supplement. Every dog is different with its own allergies, sensitivities, and health history. My products and blogs are created in the hopes of bettering your dog’s life but they are not a substitute for the medical advice of your own vet. All opinions are my own.